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Hands down the best way to improve your sporting performance and recovery

When you think of the term “sport performance” qualities of power, strength, fluency of movement, reaction time, speed, agility and endurance come to mind. We often fail to recognise that these key components prevent us from achieving our full performance potential without having a satisfactory range of movement (ROM) in place.

Bron’s Story

Bronwyn Thompson is a dual Olympian and co-creator of Lower Limber®. Watch her story.
Lower Limber® Sequential Stretching and Activation System is a “best practice” static stretching tool. It also has the unique ability to be used as a warm-up device by performing dynamic activation exercises. Lower Limber® follows a particular sequence of movements that heightens neuromuscular function in readiness for vigorous activity. What the Lower Limber® system brings to the table is that unique ability help link all the key components – arms, legs and spine in a unified manner – the key to unlocking your performance potential.
One of the most overlooked factors for increasing sports performance is the ability to remain injury free. A key factor in helping to prevent injuries is having the means to recognise, interpret and address changes in range of movement before they become problematic – this is the premise that the Lower Limber® Sequential Stretching and Activation System was predicated on.
Scott, T42 Paralympic and World Champion 100m taking care of what he has
Kane, played collegiate basketball in USA
Rob, lower back injury, avoided surgery