Sporty Children and Growth Spurts

A growth industry we need to invest in

When your children go through a growth spurt there is often a dramatic decrease in their range of movement. At the same time, many feel pain and discomfort, especially in their legs. During an intensive period of growth, the muscular and skeletal structures of the body can develop at different rates. This can create pain in the associated muscles and joints.

Hear Isabella’s Story

Isabella grew 9 cm in one year. See how Lower Limber® helped her get back on track.
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“Growth in children can be extremely rapid. Some studies have shown increases of half to a full centimetre in a single day; in one longitudinal study of 1000 children in NSW, a Year 8 boy grew 16cm over a 12-month period while a girl in Year 7 grew 13cm”
Growth spurts generally occur between 8-13 years of age in girls and 10-15 years of age in boys. The associated pain and discomfort that many children experience is often dismissed as growing pains – a temporary complaint “that we all went through”.
We all know holding a child’s attention can be difficult if the education processes and results can’t be achieved in a relative short period of time.
“Lower Limber® achieves measurable results with minimal effort which is highly motivating. Lower Limber® not only helps maximise performance; it also helps prevent injuries from occurring not just in our legs but in our entire body.”
The Lower Limber® Sequential Stretching and Activation System has the unique ability to coordinate the legs, spine and the limbs of the upper body so that they can communicate in a meaningful way. And the whole body benefits.
Oscar, Aged 9, State record holder discus; Isabella, Aged 11, ACT representative discus, shot put, high jump and tennis.
Isabella grew 9cm in one year but thanks to Lower Limber® was able to overcome her growing pains and avoid injury.