Injury Prevention in the Workplace

If you can’t find five minutes to stretch each day, then your lifestyle isn’t flexible enough

Often it is assumed that lower back pain is primarily associated with manual handling based activities and not those individuals who primarily perform sedentary based activities. This is only part of the equation.

Sam’s Story

Lower Limber® helped Sam get from not even being able to walk to doing 180 kilo leg presses. Hear his story.
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“Studies have shown non-specific low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common and expensive disorders affecting people in industrialised nations. It is estimated to affect 15-44 per cent of the general population in one year”
The Lower Limber® Sequential Stretching and Activation System makes you aware of your physical limitations while you perform some general stretching exercises. It does this by highlighting the interrelationships between all the major muscle groups of the legs and how these impact on the spine. This can prevent an injury from occurring by creating self-awareness, which underpins self-management practices.
How does the Lower Limber® system help you identify, prevent and manage yourself in the workplace? To get the full story read this letter from its creators.
Shevonne, L4/5 disc bulge, avoided surgery thanks to Lower Limber®

Floor Based Seated
Calf Stretch

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Hamstring Stretch


Floor Based Seated
Buttocks Stretch