What Is Lower Limber®?

Lower Limber® is a unique and life-changing system. You can find out more about Lower Limber® on this page but who better to speak for the product than our the people whose lives it has already changed forever? Watch their inspiring stories.
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What Is Lower Limber®?

The Lower Limber® Sequential Stretching and Activation System is designed to continuously align and support your spine in a controlled and measured manner. This is crucial to achieving an effective stretching response especially when your leg muscle groups are tight and restricted. This unique system offers you the choice of both static and dynamic stretching routines, with the latter being ideal for warm-up routines before strenuous activity.
The unique design features of this device hinge around the fundamental principle that the correct alignment of your spine is central to achieving an effective stretching response. This time-efficient, ergonomically designed, feel-good system has proven clinical results and can provide something we all want and need – the freedom of movement.

You can benefit from Lower Limber® if you are:

  • wanting to get back into exercise
  • active and exercise regularly
  • a school child getting into sport
  • an adolescent going through a growth spurt
  • stiffening up as you get on in years
  • overweight with mobility issues
  • performing manual handling tasks
  • in a sedentary occupation
  • recovering from injury
  • an elite athlete wanting to increase your performance, maximise your recovery and minimise your risk of injury
  • wanting to improve the range of movement in your leg muscles.

How many of these people have been seriously injured?


About The Creators

The Lower Limber® Sequential Stretching and Activation System has been developed by two very motivated and passionate people, Stuart Andrews and Bronwyn Thompson. In addition to being tertiary qualified, both are former Olympians who between them have represented Australia in three separate sports. Both Bronwyn and Stuart know, from personal experience, what it takes to recover from serious injury. This led them to open a physical rehabilitation clinic, located in the Australian Surgeons Building in Canberra, which they have been running very successfully since 1999.
As well as their extensive experience in the treatment and prevention of injuries, Stuart and Bronwyn have developed and manufactured internationally patented stretching and activation equipment – including Upper Limber® – incorporating specialised software systems that utilise biofeedback technology to give the user accurate diagnostic measurements. Stuart is a sought-after guest speaker who regularly presents to sporting organisations, government departments, insurance companies and private enterprise on subject matter ranging from injury prevention and improving sporting performance to implement self-managed wellbeing systems

Stuart Andrews

As a former Australian Decathlon champion and Olympic bobsleigh competitor, Stuart’s passion for maximising performance and rehabilitating injuries is deeply personal. This was the catalyst for Stuart inventing and patenting two internationally recognised rehabilitation systems: Lower Limber® & Upper Limber®

Bronwyn Thompson

Bronwyn completed her Bachelor Degree in Science at The University of Melbourne and went on to complete her post-graduate diploma in Psychology. Bronwyn’s focus is not just on preventing and treating workplace injuries but to ensure that people have the necessary coping mechanisms to enable them to transition back into the workforce – a driving force behind the creation of Lower Limber®.

From the Creators of Upper Limber®

Peter, injured right shoulder. Thanks to Upper Limber® he avoided surgery and regained full right shoulder functionality – visit the FTM website for full story

Upper Limber® is Lower Limber®’s big brother. Upper Limber® is a revolutionary treatment and injury prevention system for musculoskeletal injuries of the upper body that can be conveniently located in the workplace. This internationally-patented system can yield exceptional outcomes with only a few minutes use per day. Upper Limber® is trusted by leading organisations including the Australian National University (ANU) and CSIRO.