The Ultimate Stretching and Mobility Tool


Bronwyn, Co founder of Limber Australia, dual Olympian, rehabilitation specialist, mother of two


Movement and Performance

Lower Limber® is the ultimate stretching and mobility tool. If you’re an athlete, or just someone who likes to keep fit, Lower Limber® can help you increase your performance and prevent injuries.

Stretching and Activation

Lower Limber® is perfect for anybody at any age! Lower Limber® has a patented design that coordinates the legs, spine and the limbs of the upper body. Increase your range of movement with just a few minutes stretching a day.

Injury and Prevention

Lower back injuries have become a far too common occurrence for Australian workers. Just a few minutes a day with the Lower Limber® sequential stretching and activation system can help treat, and even prevent, common workplace-related injuries.




(Paralympic Gold Medalist – holder of multiple world records)
“Before using the Lower Limber system I couldn’t get up to go to the toilet. I had to have injections just to move. The pain was so overwhelming… After using the Lower Limber System my pain was completely alleviated …. I went on to compete at Rio, my eighth Paralympics”


(Olympic Gold Medalist – Taekwondo)
“With a busy and active lifestyle, I understand the need to keep moving. The Lower Limber system is a time efficient, supportive, simple to use system that allows you to feel how you are reacting to life and most importantly gives you a chance to respond.”

Lower Limber – The Ultimate Stretching and Mobility Tool




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The Lower Limber® Sequential Stretching and Activation System is designed to continuously align and support your spine in a controlled and measured manner. This is crucial to achieving an effective stretching response especially when your leg muscle groups are tight and restricted.

This unique system offers you the choice of both static and dynamic stretching routines, with the latter being ideal for warm-up routines before strenuous activity.

Lower Limber® is for every-body. Discover how Lower Limber® can work for you.


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